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Jayson F. Tsuchiya, D.D.S.

Hiromi O. Mochizuki, D.D.S.

990 W. Fremont Ave
Suite H
Sunnyvale, CA 94087

T: 408-739-0911
F: 408-739-2610

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Hartman L., Menlo Park, CA writes:

"It's too bad Yelp will only allow 5 stars.

Dr. Tsuchiya is the absolute best!!!

Office - his office is conveniently located off of 85.  There really isn't a reason a person would miss his office unless they
were asleep while driving.  His office faces Wright Ave., and parking really isn't a problem.  The actual office itself is very
warm and welcoming.  You're not greeted with some receptionist that hates their job.  Every station is equipped with the
necessities along with a television and great view of the outside.  Nothing dirty or unorganized will be found in this office.
It's flawless!

Staff - the staff is very, VERY friendly.  They welcome you with smiles.  This has been my 2nd visit and already they are
familiar with my face and name.  From the receptionists to the hygienists, each staff member carries themselves as
professional and friendly.  No complaints!

Dr. Tsuchiya - this man knows what he's doing.  He's very soft-spoken, confident in his craft and super friendly.  He was
able to see me for an emergency visit and had the pain vanish within an hour.  The man is a genius.  There need to be
more reviews in here for crying out loud!

Overall, I'm very pleased with this dentist and his facility.  I would definitely suggest him to my family and friends!"


Dele P., Sunnyvale, CA writes:

"Seriously, I know a good dentist when I have one, because I had some doozies (and by "doozies" I mean "horrible
nightmares") for my dental care before I found Dr. Tsuchiya.  He is THE BEST.

But first, hear my tales of woe because, admit it, that's really why you read yelp in the first place, isn't it?  You sicko.  Ok,
so growing up we had this shi-shi dentist in Los Altos who my mom chose solely on the fact that he graduated from UCSF
where all her kids were born (my mom is a serious franciscophile).  Little did she know that this guy was a straight-up
IDIOT.  I didn't realize it until the one time I was dying from a cavity, he took an x-ray and told me I was fine.  
"No, I have a cavity."
"No, you don't."
"Yes, I really do."
Bear in mind, dear reader, that I was all of 13 years old and by this time, I was well acquainted with my body and
particularly of painful sensations inside my MOUTH.  Hello.
"Well, let me take another look-see.  Wooo hoooo, what have we here?  Looks like you DO have a cavity!"
No kiddin'.

Needless to say, he missed a lot of cavities which I am, to this day, paying for (literally) with countless re-fills and root
canals.  I know, you totally wish you were me right about now.

Ok, so I finally got grown-up and found a new dentist.  WACK JOB!  I don't have time to go into it, but he ended up losing
his license for something naughty.  I never had any real problems with the guy, but one of my friends told me she saw him DUMPING CHARTS into the dumpster after hours once, after his office was closed down.  Hello, can you say HIPPA
violation???  Christ almighty.  Thank god he was only my dentist for about a year.

Ok, third times a charm, right?  RIGHT????

Right, because that's when I found the hero of this story, Dr. Jayson Tsuchiya.  Now I could go on and on about how he
might quite possibly be the nicest guy on earth, and easy on the eyes to boot, but he also has the BEST staff and
hygienists in town.  In fact, I've totally befriended many of them and we keep in touch even out of the context of anything

When we lived in god-forsaken Tracy for 9 years, I kept Dr. T and drove an hour for cleanings, check-ups and other
dental maintenance because I wasn't willing to try a new dentist, and I am so glad I stayed with his practice.  The place
is like straight up high-tech, super clean, modern and awesome.  And seriously, the dentist and hygienists are very
careful and gentle.  Like they care.  Hmmmm, what a concept!

Patty in the front office totally rocks and work her tail off to get the maximum payment from my insurance.  Also, she work
out manageable payment plans for all my major dental work (which, as I have previously mentioned, I still have plenty to
get done--- still paying for the sins of my first dentist, the rocket scientist from UCSF).

This office of fantastic individuals has turned around my genuine hatred and fear of dentists and now my 3-year old goes
there too.  Hey, if you can get a 3 year old to smile while you're taking his x-rays, you are really something special."


Michael S., San Jose, CA writes:

"Dr.Tsuchiya is awesome.  My family has been going to him since he took over Dr. Faber's practice many year ago. 
I generally hate going to the dentist but I know that when I do have to go, Dr. Tsuchiya will take good care of me. A few
years back I needed some emergency work prior to taking a business trip.  He met me at his office on a saturday and
took care of him. He was dressed in a suit and was on his way to wedding, but took the time to see me.  Amazing
personal service. He has the latest dental equipment and just installed individual TVs at each chair so you can watch TV
while he works on you.  It totally takes your mind off the dental work. But that is just the technology.  The best part about
Dr. T is that he clearly cares about his patients and his staff and his personality is reflected by everyone who work there.
Kindness and professionalism abound in his office. You will not find a better dentist in the bay area!"


A new patient writes:

"Great, high-tech dentist. Dr. Tsuchiya's been my dentist for years, so of course I'm a bit biased, but I've never had
anything close to a horror story. His office is always very well run and there is always loads of the latest technology in use,
for example, enabling you to see x-rays as they are taken in a computer screen in front of you. I'd definitely recommend


Karen C., San Jose, CA writes:

"Pleasant experience. Dr. Tsuchiya is very gentle, kind and thorough. His receptionist is most welcoming and sweet.
A visit there is a pleasure."


Christina P. writes:

"Amazing and gentle. Dr Tsuchiya is amazing. He is gentle, friendly, and a great dentist. He always explained everything
to me thoroughly and always remembered my name. Their office just got remodeled so its quite state of the art now.